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Have a Heart, Donate a Bed

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The Pawfect Gift: Donate A Comfy Bed To A Shelter
January 13, 2011 - An article written by iLoveDogs.com about our 2011 Valentine's Day bed drive. Check it out to learn all about our work last year!

December 15, 2011 - The first blog post on our old site for "Have a Heart, Donate a Bed." Visit to see old posts about our efforts.

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The Need:

Hundreds of dogs enter LA's animal shelters every single day. Many of them are strays, or were sadly dropped off by their family for reasons that are hard to understand. Virtually all of them are terrified by the unfamiliar surroundings, and many are noticeably depressed.

While the volunteers and shelter employees do their best to make the dogs comfortable, the fact is, the animals spend 24/7 lying on hard cement waiting for someone to adopt them. The images are heartbreaking!!!!

How YOU Can Help:

In an effort to make life more comfortable for homeless shelter dogs, LU PARKER PROJECT is holding a Mother's Day Bed Drive!

Our goal is to place a comfy, durable bed in every cage, for every dog, in the six Los Angeles Animal Shelters. Last year, we bought approximately 200 beds for the South LA Shelter. This year, we want to give even more shelter dogs a nice place to rest.

For each $65 donation, we are able to purchase a bed that is made out of long lasting, yet comfy, materials. The "Kuranda beds" are durable, and can be easily hosed off if soiled (beds featured in gallery above).

From now until Mother's Day (May 13th) we will ask for the community's help. Every penny will go to buy a bed. It will not be used for anything else. In return for your $65 donation, you will receive a gift certificate from one of our sponsors (click on "Donate Now" to see our sponsor list), a unique Mother's Day card, a "Thank You Certificate" that you can frame, and the knowledge that you helped to brighten the life of a shelter dog!

We hope you will consider giving this unique gift to the "Mother" in your life. We all know someone: A wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, even a co-worker. Lu Parker Project makes it easy by sending you or your loved one the gift certificate, Mother's Day card, and "thank you" certificate directly. Please donate and spread the word. The deadline to donate a bed and get the gift cards mailed out in time for Mother's Day is April 27th. After that, the gifts can be picked up at a Los Angeles location (TBD) on May 12th. Thank you.